A book of sounds where you make the sound!

A book of sounds where your hands make the noise!

Flap, flap, flap and a butterfly flaps its wings.
Knock, knock, knock—who is at the door?
Boom, boom, boom... a boy plays a drum with all his energy!

Help tell a story of noise and sound—no batteries required, just your hands on each side of the cover.

#Sounds #Body 

• Hardcover Paper over boards
• Age 0-5
• 40 pages / 9 X 11 in
• By Madalena Matoso
• ISBN 9781909263826

[About Author / Illustrator]
Madalena Matoso studied Communication Design at Lisbon College of Fine Arts and post-graduated in Graphic Editorial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. In 1999 she and three friends created the Planeta Tangerina, dedicated to illustration and graphic design.