Happy Valetine's day!

[ A Hug Is for Holding Me]
Every hug is unique, but the best type of hug is from me to you
A Hug Is for Holding Me is a sweet, cozy book about love and affection and invites children to engage with the natural world in a fresh, new way. Some hugs are tight and some hugs are snug . . . but guess who gives the BEST hugs?
• Board book
• Age 3-5
• 24 pages / 9 x 9 in
• By Lisa Wheeler / Illustrated by Lisk Feng
• ISBN 9781419728266

[ Things That Go Away]
Meet Little Miss Valentine, a new Little Miss character who’s sure to win over your heart in this 8x8 hardcover picture book!
It’s Little Miss Valentine’s favorite time of year—Valentine’s Day! But as she writes and delivers cards to her Mr. Men Little Miss friends, nothing goes as planned. Before long, she and her friends realize that all they need is their friendship and love for each other (though a little chocolate never hurts!).
• Hardcover
• Age 4-8
• 48 pages / 6.3 x 9.8 in
• By Beatrice Alemagna
• ISBN 9781419744822