[6Books Set]
Peekaboo: Apple
Peekaboo: Farm
Where's the Tiger?
Where's the Hen?
Where's the Owl?
Where's the Ladybug?

PeekaBoo Series 
Easy-to-use peekaboo sliders, a funny rhyming text and surprise mirror ending combine in this stylish, interactive board book for babies and toddlers!
With a total of 10 smooth mechanisms to push, pull or turn on every spread this beautiful book is packed full of fun!
Connecting with faces and playing peekaboo is one of the first games that babies play.

Felt Flap Series
The original, award-winning Felt Flap series – perfect for babies and toddlers!Each title in this stylish series has five spreads with friendly characters to find behind colourful felt flaps.
Lift the final flap and there’s a surprise mirror – always a hit with the little ones.Parents adore these books because they are beautiful but tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of young readers. And children love them because they are just so much fun.